Trial sites: Projects in preparation of Life+ demonstration sites

1/ Driebekstraat, Dendermonde

New PLA weed control mats have been developed and installed.

The idea is to find out if a mat with more natural fibres results in a higher natural aspect and still works efficiently against the growth of weeds.

A shorter lifetime is expected which is for specific installations an advantage, rather than a disadvantage.

Variant 1: PLA and jute (street side)

Variant 2: PLA and hennep (office side)


Pictures test field 1


2/ Hoogveld, Dendermonde: slope along the street side

A special 100% biobased erosion control mat has been installed on a slope with different inclinations between 35-40°.

This product Ecoprotect should

  • be strong enough to allow proper installation on an inclined field 
  • allow that grasses grow through 
  • prevent erosion of the slope 


Pictures test field 2


3/ Hoogveld, Dendermonde: test field near the windmill + various test fields all over the DS site

Different competing weed control systems have been installed all around the gardens of DS. Some systems are well known all over Europe, some others have a more regional use.

The following systems have been installed :

  • Jute mat
  • Kokos mulch mat (kokos layer 400gr + 2 PE-nets + PA-yarn)
  • Polypropylene woven fabric
  • Mulch
  • Lava stones (kies)


Pictures test field 3


4/ Hoogveld, Dendermonde: test field close to the warehouse TNW (new Life+ variants of PLA)

Looking for pilot sites and having numerous contacts with skilled people new versions of the original weed control mat were made.

9 Versions are installed on a smaller pilot site close to the warehouse of DS Technical Nonwoven (TNW).

The main intention of these tests is:

  • to create a better aspect, a better harmony with the environment (roll 3, 7 and 9)
  • to enhance the decision process by making cheaper variants (roll 5 and 6)
  • to better the functionality, also in difficult circumstances (higher weight) (roll 4 and 9)


Pictures test field 4


5/ Hoogveld, Dendermonde: test field close to the electricity cabin TNW (lifetime test)

Cities, communities and other stakeholders always question us about the lifetime of the product. On a test field of TNW Weedcontrol has been installed

  • Installation 1 : Weedcontrol + Cornus plants
  • Installation 2 : Weedcontrol + mulch


Pictures test field 5