100% biodegradable and compostable weed control mat 100% based on renewable resources



  • Nonwoven mat made of 100% bio-polymer or a combination of bio-polymer and natural fiber
  • This bio-polymer is 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • Based on 100% renewable resources
  • Developed by Dam De Saedeleir in 2007 – introduced on the market in 2008
  • 100% wind energy is used for the production of biofibres and biononwovens
  • Biocovers and similar biomats have been selected by the European Life+ program


Market and use

The main idea is the control of weeds on a 100% ecological way. Apart from the function weed control Biocovers will also serve as an erosion control mat for several years. By using Biocovers the use of synthetic mats or herbicides can be avoided. As Biocovers is UV-stable, no bark or mulch is necessary to cover and/or protect the mat.



  • The 100% biodegradable weed control mat avoids the use of synthetic mats or herbicides.
  • Blocks the growth of weeds during 3 years and more; fully degrades into compost for plants at end of life time (OK compost certificate)



  • Very compact and light product: lower handling and logistic costs
  • Is permeable and helps retain the moisture in the soil
  • Has a natural aspect; efforts and costs to cover biomats with bark are not useful
  • Is flame retardant (passes cigarette test) in case of 100% bio-polymer
  • Has an excellent UV-stability
  • Biocovers is available in widths up to 4m



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