Installation instructions

Instructions to be used for the installation of the weed control mats for the pilot projects of Life+

  • Free surface totally from trees, plants and weeds
  • Flatten surface
  • Overlap 20cm. Take into account the dominant direction of the wind, when choosing the position of the overlap
  • Fix the ends of the mat carefully wit U-shaped metal pins or dig the ends minimum 10 cm in the ground. Minimal sizes metal pin : 20 x 30 x20. Frequency : 1 every running meter in both length and with direction. So also the overlap and also the central parts of the rolls should be fixed - make cross incisions to allow planting plants or trees (better 3-star incision instead of 4-star)
  • Close carefully the incision around the new installed plants or trees and cover that area with some gravel or bark
  • After installation of the plants check carefully if all pins are still deep enough in the ground


Lay-out installation

  • The pilot site should have a public access and should be clearly visible
  • A panel given by DS should be installed (text to be discussed) on a clearly visible place
  • The main quality Biocovers covers the main surface. Apart from this quality some other variants should be installed on a specific location
  • This variants should be installed, all together, side by side, starting left with variant 1 – ending right with variant 8
  • A specific location should be agreed where small samples can be taken away (to be discussed)