How does Biocovers need to be installed?

  1. Free surface properly from trees, plants and weeds.


  1. Flatten the surface.


  1. Start rolling out the bio weed control mats.
  • Each roll should overlap 15-20cm with the adjacent roll.
  • The position of the overlap should be away from the dominant wind direction.
  • Fix the ends of the mat carefully with U-shaped metal pins or dig the ends of the material at least 15 cm in the ground. Piles of sand or gravel can also be used instead of pins.
  • Minimal size of the metal U-shaped pin should be 20 x 30 x 20 cm. The pins used on the overlap should be used in the length direction (not cross direction). See picture below.
  • Frequency : install 1 pin or 1 pile of gravel/sand  every running meter in both length and width direction. This should also be done on central parts and overlaps.


  1. Make cross incisions to allow the installation of new plants or trees.
  • It’s better to cut a 3-star incision instead of a 4-star incision.
  • Close the incision carefully around the new installed plants or trees
  • Cover that area with some gravel, sand or bark.



  1. After installing the bio weed control mats and plants, check carefully if all pins are still deep enough in the ground.