How does Biocovers look after 5 years?

The pictures show

  • the evolution of the aspect of biomats
  • the growth of the plants (Cornus) during five consecutive years. The Cornus has been lopped every year.


Harmony with the environment (garden industrial park):

Right from the beginning there is a good harmony between the mat and the area around. This harmony is not only realized by the specific natural color or the fibrous aspect of the upper part of the mat, but also by the fact that mosses and algae start growing on the mat within a couple of months.

On the spots where no mosses and algae were growing, the natural brown color remained and did not turn white like jute or cocos.

Given the fibrous upper structure there is no unnatural shine like the one clearly present by woven or spun bound mats.


Effectiveness of the mat as weed control product

Even after 5 years the biomat works perfectly and prevents the weeds from growing. There has been only a limited growth of some specific aggressive weeds through the mat.

The mechanical characteristics of the mat got lower (lower tensile strength, lower elongation…) however the mat still functions as a light barrier that stops weeds and seeds growing.

Even after 5 years the mat remains very permeable:  the water is drained to the right place, to the roots of the plants. Even in the dry season the limited amount of moisture goes through the mat and doesn’t get absorbed by natural fibres or bark.

The mat got also somewhat stiffer eliminating the chance of damage by stronger winds


Growth of plants

As the mat is very permeable and is guiding, even limited quantities of, rain water down to the roots of the plants there is almost no risk of plant loss by drying up during the first season after the installation.

At the same time the mat limits the dry up effect of the underground.