Mailing Life+ - Request for pilot site

07/09/2011 16:12

Onderwerp: request for pilot site - European program Life offers free weed and erosion control mats for specific projects



Dear Sir , dear Madam ,


Please pass this mail to the department responsible for greening and infrastructure works.


The European program Life+ offers European cities and communities a unique opportunity to get  5000 or 10000 M2 biodegradable weed control mats for free. The mats should be used for the realization of a bigger public project and will serve as an exemplary pilotsite .

There is also a budget for the installation and follow-up during of the pilotsites .


The main idea is to stimulate local governments to use  biodegradable weed + erosion control mats ( mulch mats )  in stead of synthetic mats or toxic herbicides.





If in the near future you need weed and erosion control mats for a bigger public greening project or if you need further information please contact us ( contact data see below ) . Final deadline 31/10/2011


More information Life+ Europe see;87;88;93;

from 12 September see



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