Ecogrow: support for sedum mats

100% biobased and 100% compostable support mat for the cultivation of sedum mats



  • Nonwoven mat made of 100% biopolymer
  • The first biobased support mat for the cultivation of sedum blankets (green roof applications or landscaping) with a lifetime of minimum 2-3 years
  • Ecogrow is 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • Based on 100% renewable resources
  • 2 windmills supply 70% of the energy needed


Market and use

Pre-grown sedum blankets are frequently used “to green” roofs or for use in specific landscaping projects. DS developed a 100% biobased carrier system that can be used by sedum mat growers.

Ecogrow mats will not shrink, so its dimensions will not change (even not during longer exposure to high temperatures).

The mat is made of staple fiber and the structure is permeable enough to allow a good and quick penetration of the roots into and through the mat.

Although the mat is 100% biodegradable, the lifetime of the support mat is minimum 2-3 years. After 1 or 2 seasons the mechanical characteristics are sufficient to allow manipulation and final installation.

After the final installation on the roof, the mat will very slowly biodegrade without influencing the nitrogen levels or the pH-level in the substrate or underground.



  • Ecogrow avoids the use of synthetic mats or mats made of natural fibers combined with non biobased elements like nets or grids
  • Allows an easy rooting in and through the mat
  • Has a sufficient dimensional stability even at the end of 2 growing seasons
  • Very slowly degrades without influencing the composition of the substrate or underground
  • At the end of lifetime (removal of the green roof), the complex can be composted as a whole
  • Is a neutral growing medium that allows a normal development of the sedums
  • Ecogrow mats are very compact, light and easy to handle