Ecogrow+: biomat with seeds

(former brand name Hortaflex+)


100% biobased and compostable greening mat with seeds



  • Nonwoven mat made of biofibers and natural fibres
  • Ecogrow+ is 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • Based on 100% renewable resources
  • 2 windmills supply 70% of the energy needed
  • This product and similar biomats have been selected by the European Life+ program


Market and use

Ecogrow+ is a biomat with integrated seeds, that allows greening in combination with erosion control. The specific structure of the biomat holds the seeds in place, so there's almost no loss of seeds.

The addition of natural fiber optimises the water retention capacity of the Ecogrow+ mat and will avoid dehydration of the seeds at its germination stage.

Ecogrow+ creates a micro climate that promotes vegetation establishment. The mat will biodegrade slowly and at the end of lifetime will form nutrients for the established vegetation. Until the vegetation is established, Ecogrow+ will serve as an erosion control blanket, as well as a temporal weed control blanket. There is no use of PE-nets.



  • Ecogrow+ avoids the use of synthetic mats or natural fiber mats reinforced with PE-nets
  • Promotes the development  and the germination of the seeds on slopes or other difficult to green areas
  • Prevents surface erosion on vulnerable surfaces
  • Slowly degrades into compost for vegetation
  • Offers some temporal weed control
  • Ecogrow+ is compact and easy to handle, transport & install. During transport and installation there's no loss of seeds