Ecogreen: growing system for moss mats

100% biobased and compostable nonwoven support mat for moss roofs



  • Nonwoven mat made of 100% biopolymer
  • The ideal growing medium for moss (green roof applications + landscaping)
  • Ecogreen is 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • Based on 100% renewable resources (no oil)
  • 2 windmills supply 70% of the energy needed
  • Commercialization of the product second half of 2015


Market and use

More and more the market is looking for lighter and less expensive greening solutions. DS developed a 100% biodegradable growing system that can be used for the cultivation of mosses.

The growing system is installed directly on the roof and mosses are grown directly on the Ecogreen biomat. With this system there is no need of heavy substrate. Those light systems can be used on roofs with a less strong structure that don't support heavy loads.

This biomat will very slowly but 100% biodegrade without influencing the nitrogen levels or the pH-level in the substrate or underground.



  • Ecogreen avoids the use of synthetic mats (no oil)
  • Offers a cheaper alternative for the classic sedum mats
  • Offers a greening solution for older and less strong roofs
  • Has a good water permeability and retention
  • Its specific structure allows an easy installation of the mosses on the mat
  • Very slowly degrades without influencing the composition of the substrate or underground
  • At the end of lifetime (removal of the green roof), the complex can be composed as a whole
  • Is a neutral medium that allows a normal development of mosses
  • Ecogreen mats are very compact, light and easy to handle