Day event Kerpen-Buir - 11/09/2013

DS has developed some 100% biodegradable mats for erosion control. Two variants of these mats have been installed in Kerpen-Buir in Germany. Along the new A4 four pilotsites have been organized, one of them with the biomats of DS.


On 11 september a special day event will be organized in order to discuss the outcome of the biodegradable mats of DS and 3 other types of mats or systems. DS will present and explain the product, the first results and the Life+ program of Europe.  


EFEB organises the day event and the members of EFEB (Europaïscher Fachverband für Erosionsschutz und Begrünung) will be present. Furthermore installers and especially engineering offices have been inivited. The idea is to explain the different greening concepts that are useful for the rehabilitation of new sites where erosion is an issue.


Attendance list day event Kerpen-Buir.pdf