Day event Dublin - 17/06/2013



The Tolka Valley Park opened officially on 17/06/2013!


Dublin City Council opened the park as part of National Bike Week as a cycling and walking route of 4 km, the Tolka Valley Greenway, has been constructed in the park.

Next to Councillors from both the Central and Nort West Areas and representatives of the landscape and engineering contractors, local residents, school children, Tolka Trout Anglers Association and BirdWatch Ireland participated to the event.

At exactly 12 pm,  Dr. William Tormey (Deputy of Lord Mayor) cut the ribbon. The ceremony was followed with speeches at the lawn. The weed and erosion control fabrics were highly appreciated by the audience!


We would like to thank Dublin City Council for the organization of the event!





Lord Mayor's speech.pdf (52,2 kB)

City Park Superintendent's speech.pdf (36,1 kB)



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