Erosion control - Panel pilot site Önnestad.pdf (238,5 kB)Pilot site ÖNNESTAD


Pilot site description

The beginning of 2013 the community of Kristianstad decided to rehabilitate some sites around the Skolgatan road and the To river. One part of the site is affected by wind erosion, another part of the site gets floaded in winter time and has to be protected against erosion by streaming water. On this way 5.127m² biomats will be used for the protection against erosion and additionally against abundant weed growth. Also larger widths like 4 m will be installed. At the end of the life time, the biomats will biodegrade and compost. No toxic or non-biodegradable fractions will stay in the underground.

Also a small comparative test site with qualities made by DS and by other companies will be organized in order to compare better different biodegradable and non-biodegradable qualities on the market.


The installation has been done by the community of Kristianstad, the commercialization by the company Byggros.

Address pilot site: Skolgatan - 291 73 Önnestad (Sweden)


Panel, instructions, information,... concerning the pilot site Önnestad  
Panel for the pilot site in Önnestad (english version)   Erosion control - Panel pilot site Önnestad.pdf (238,5 kB)

Photo of the panel

Flyer BioWeedStop Sweden Flyer BioWeedStop Sweden.pdf


Pictures of the pilot site

August 2013 Pictures of the installation
November 2013 November 2013 - Pictures after the installation
August 2014 August 2014 - Pictures after the installation
March 2015 March 2015 - Pictures after the installation