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The Dublin City Council has constructed a new public park (Cardiffsbridge Park) in Dublin of approximately 20 hectares along the valley of the River Tolka with a cycle and walking route. Due to the terrain of the river valley, the use of the project's erosion control material is highly beneficial for stabilisation of slopes and improve the success of plant establishment. There are also banks alongside their newly-restored historic mill and also a hillside near the cycle path and along the main bridge.


For the project Dublin had a demand of 5.000 m² of matting for seeding (for grass/wildflowers) and 5.000 m² of matting for woodland planting.


The landscape work started in April 2012 and finished by the end of 2012. All the matting has been laid down by the end of 2012. The planting of trees, shrubs and flowers as well was finished by the end of 2012. Large areas were overflow by the Tolka River in January 2013. The matting withstood the flooding and protected successfully the river banks.


The park opened officially in June 2013!



Maryann Harris gave a poster presentation to the Environ 2013 in January in Galway to some 350 delegates in environmental science across Ireland.

Poster presentation Maryann Harris.pdf (668,7 kB)

Article published in the newspaper 'Irish Times' on April 13th, 2013 

 How green is my Tolka Valley.pdf (448,7 kB)How green is my Tolka Valley.pdf (448,7 kB)

'Invasive plant species in aquatic and riparian habitats in the urban Dublin area', article published in IUCN

IUCN publication.pdf (245555)