Pilot site description

Across the ‘Route de Limoux’ at Carcasonne, the matting is used to prevent surface erosion on the vulnerable slopes. Mainly wind erosion is an issue in the region. The Route the Limoux is an important access road to enter the historic city of Carcasonne. The matting is installed in December 2012 followed by planting in January 2013.


Panel, instructions, information,... concerning the pilot site Carcassonne  
Panel for the pilot site in Carcassonne (french version) Erosion control - Panel pilot site Carcassonne.pdf (350,4 kB)


Photo of the panel


Pictures of the pilot site  
November 2012  Pictures before installation
December 2012 Pictures of the installation
August 2013 August 2013 - Pictures after the installation
June 2014 June 2014 - Pictures after the installation
January 2015 January 2015 - Pictures after the installation